Well Done Eva!

Congratulations to our champion conservation education coordinator who has been accepted into ALU (African Leadership University)

African Leadership University aims to develop three million ethical and entrepreneurial leaders for Africa and the world by 2035.

What do you do on Ol Pejeta?
I am the Community Development Programme’s Conservation Education Coordinator

How did you get into Conservation Education and what inspired you to take this path?
My education background in Environmental Resource Conservation got me started on my conservation journey. I am passionate about educating the next generation who will hopefully take better care of our planet than the previous generation.

How did you find out about ALU?
I was fortunate and humbled to be nominated by Ol Pejeta Conservancy for a scholarship programme looking for passionate women in conservation. Luckily my application got selected.

What are you hoping to achieve from your time at ALU? And how will it be useful to your day to day work?
I look forward to building my potential further in my environmental conservation. Interacting with other like-minded students will also be refreshing. I hope to bring a different level of skills and knowledge to my job make a bigger impact.

What is the best part of your job?
I get to do something that is bigger than myself and influence future generations. This is my contribution to my planet.

Who is your biggest conservation inspiration?
I look up to people like Paula Kahumbu who is a wildlife conservationist known best as a campaigner for elephants and wildlife. She spearheads the Hands Off Our Elephants Campaign and is the Chief Executive Officer of WildlifeDirect.

I have also been fortunate to pass through the hands of great mentors in my career path, who have each inspired me in their own way.