Virtual Safaris

Learning opportunities at Ol Pejeta are limitless!

From live sessions with rangers and caregivers in the company of the last northern white rhinos on the planet to spending time with everyone’s favourite blind black rhino, Baraka, or a trip through Sweetwaters chimpanzee sanctuary, this is an opportunity for audiences worldwide to participate and learn about conservation.

Participants including groups, teachers, parents and their children now have a unique opportunity to further their understanding of nature, conservation and extinction by being part of our virtual education opportunities. These virtual sessions offer fresh, inspiring, engrossing, and effective learning content.

Ol Pejeta’s virtual safaris adapt to the needs of students in all age groups. Our virtual sessions are not only interactive but collaborative. Educators and their audiences can now build relationships with an array of content specialists working within Ol Pejeta Conservancy. Experienced rangers, safari guides, wildlife, livestock and landscape scientists, filmmakers, among others are available to engage learners from all over the world.

We structure the virtual safari schedule to fit on and off school calendars with individualised patterns. Our online sessions give learners greater freedom to engage with the material up close. For example, a session on extinction will bring participants up close to the last northern white rhinos on the planet. This behind-the-scenes approach ensures audiences get firsthand information.

For a donation of $100, virtual classrooms will be part of Ol Pejeta’s community development initiatives in raising scholarships support for bright but needy children.

For further information, bookings and available dates, please contact