Urban Ranch Provides New Markets for Community Artisans

Our neighbouring communities are key to Ol Pejeta’s successful conservation model. With their support and collaboration, we are able to monitor and protect wildlife, continue to nurture a growing rhino population, and link all of this conservation to improved local livelihoods, be that through education, healthcare, or local businesses.  

With an international audience, and thousands of visitors each year, Ol Pejeta offers a great platform for showcasing local talent. And boy is there local talent here - from beadcrafters to tailors, leatherworkers to metal sculptors. Many artisans however struggle to get their products to market, which is why we launched Urban Ranch in December 2019. 

Urban Ranch aims to work together with the communities that support conservation efforts, and provide design, manufacture, marketing and sales support to artisans. 

We started off with ten artisans who use cattle skins from Ol Pejeta’s livestock programme to make bags, belts and sandals. We provide access to our different shops within the conservancy, as well as our online platform. Once we’ve ensured this process works for everyone, we’re looking to include more artisans in the Ranch. 

So the next time you visit us, pass by our shops and support a local artist! In the meantime as we are trying to keep everyone safe and at home, you can contact admin@urbanranchafrica.comfor enquiries.