Rock and Stones Support Ol Pejeta’s Armed Ranger Team

The armed ranger team is at the forefront of the wildlife security system on Ol Pejeta. This team is not only responsible for securing wildlife on Ol Pejeta but also across Laikipia, thanks to its Rapid Response and K-9 teams.

Football is a favourite pastime for the rangers when not on duty and a few years back, they formed a team. Last month, Rock and Stones donated a full set of branded uniforms to the team, much to the delight of the rangers. The football team has over the years proven to be somewhat formidable, winning most of the  tournaments held between conservancy staff and local community teams.

Rocks and Stones is an Ol Pejeta corporate partner and for the last two years has been donating a portion of their proceeds to our armed security teams. Based in Kenya, they specialise in creating quality African Kanga and Kitenge clothing for all ages and all sizes. In addition to supporting the armed security team, Rock & Stones also supports the local communities that sew their garments.

You can purchase some of their cool apparel at the Ol Pejeta gift shops at Morani Information Information Center, Sweetwaters Chimpanzee Sanctuary and Rongai Gate. And of course, you can also buy their products online at