Must See - ChimpanzeesMust See - Chimpanzees

The Sweetwaters Chimpanzee Sanctuary aims to provide a refuge for chimpanzees rescued from the black market, and is the only place in Kenya where our closest living relatives can be seen. Visitors to the Ol Pejeta Conservancy have free access to the Sanctuary, which is open daily from 08:30 to 12:30 and 14:00 to 16:30.

The Sweetwaters Chimpanzee Sanctuary was established in 1993, with an agreement between the Ol Pejeta Conservancy, the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) and the Jane Goodall Institute. Over the last decade, the Sanctuary has provided a safe haven for the recovery and rehabilitation of chimpanzees rescued from traumatic situations; all victims of the illegal pet trade.

The Sanctuary is now home to 35 chimps, divided into two large groups. These groups live in vast natural enclosures separated by the Ewaso Nyiro River. The chimps have set feeding times; which is the best time for visitors to see them, either from our special viewing platform or from the chimp walk. At the chimpanzee visitor centre you can learn more about our individual chimps, and if one in particular steals your heart you can pledge to adopt him or her – helping Ol Pejeta to ensure they live out the rest of their days in peace and safety.