Ol Pejeta Nature Trail

A hide, or blind, is a camouflaged shelter where people can observe wildlife closely without disturbing them. If you are patient enough, you can often see some fascinating behaviour from both mammals and birds, who might act differently around vehicles and vocal people. When wild animals are completely unaware of human presence, it's amazing what close encounters you could discover.

Hippo Hide is one of two permanent hides on Ol Pejeta. It is located discreetly on the banks of the mighty Ewaso Nyiro river, and offers fantastic views of the water - where hippos often spend the day keeping cool in the shallow water. From here, visitors can walk along the Hippo Hide nature trail, which loops back through the bush. Ol Pejeta guides are stationed at the hide and are on standby to talk more about the river, the hippos, and introduce you to the indigenous plants and their values in local medicine. Entry is free, and the hide opens daily from 07:00 – 18:30. The best viewing times are between 16:30 and 18:30 - when the majority of animals come to drink.