Keeping you safeKeeping you safe

Kenya is a diverse and beautiful country with a culture as rich and colourful as its wildlife. From white sand beaches to snow capped mountains, ancient forests to endless savannah, and always a warm smile to welcome you wherever you go - Kenya is a truly unique and magical place.

Tourism in Kenya suffered badly in 2014 as a result of insecurity incidents linked to violent extremists. Terrorism is a global threat and not unique to Kenya and we at Ol Pejeta Conservancy stand firm that the vast majority of Kenya remains a safe safari destination. The safari circuit of Mount Kenya and Laikipia is a focus for many conservation and community efforts, and is largely regarded as a safe, secure, and beautiful area of the country. Travel advisories issued by the UK and USA were lifted in early 2015.

Your security on Ol Pejeta is very important to us. Ol Pejeta employees and staff at the lodge or camp you are staying in will do everything they can to ensure you feel safe. Normal precautions should be taken both in the Conservancy and the surrounding areas, but here on Ol Pejeta, your belongings are more likely to get lifted by a naughty baboon than a human being if you forget to shut your tent!

To ensure your safety and that of the wildlife around you, Ol Pejeta has a Code of Conduct that all visitors are required to adhere to.