Drum roll for our latest rhino hero

Meet Drum - the ten-month-old spaniel from Norfolk, UK, who has just arrived in Ol Pejeta to join our K-9 anti-poaching unit.

He might be young, but Drum has already proven his exceptional ability in ammunition and weapon detection during his training with the charity Animals Saving Animals. His job will primarily involve vehicle searches to stop poachers smuggling guns and ammunition on to the reserve.

Drum’s move to Ol Pejeta was generously supported by Explorers against Extinction- a UK-based charity that aims to raise awareness about the threats facing the world’s most iconic species, while also raising significant funds for projects trying to protect them. 

Drum was trained specifically for this role on Ol Pejeta by Daryll Pleasants, who has trained many of the dogs in our K-9 unit. "I hand-picked him from a litter when he was eight weeks old" says Daryll. "As a puppy he was always bouncing around and that's perfect for the job - it's a very active role."

Daryll actually came to Ol Pejeta with Drum to settle him in to his new home. He is bonding well with his new handlers, who are running through a series of further training sessions with him to acclimatise him to a hotter, more rugged landscape.

Karibu sana Drum!