Ol Pejeta is one of the few conservancies in the world to be able to source 100% of its basic operating costs through its own sustainable, commercially generated revenues - tourism and agriculture. The Ol Pejeta beef programme is one of the most significant contributors to this commercial revenue. Ol Pejeta’s top quality, free-range beef is sought-after by Nairobi’s top butchers and restaurants.

Ol Pejeta has an on-site abattoir, which reduces transport costs and our carbon footprint. Strategic feeding of prime steers during drought and dry spells reduces the age of animal at slaughter. Production of grass hay is paramount to achieving this objective, and increasing the hay area from 180 to 900 acres is part of the Ol Pejeta’s current five-year plan.

The beef enterprise attains an annual turnover of USD 1 million, which plays a significant role in Ol Pejeta’s conservation efforts. This additional income supplements wildlife programmes, research, ranger’s salaries and other operating costs.