South WestSouth West

Communities to the south west of the Conservancy are farmers. Primary crops here include maize, potatoes, snow peas, onions and cabbages – although the majority of these are simply subsistence farms.

The Ngobit River allows farmers constant water access, but as populations increase and the climate becomes more unpredictable, large-scale extraction of river water has become unsustainable. Ol Pejeta is working with these communities to introduce drip irrigation and rainwater harvesting systems, to reduce pressure on the river, and help farmers use water wisely.

The presence of farms in the area inevitably attracts wildlife from Ol Pejeta – in particular elephants, who can be notorious for crop-raiding. Building up a strong relationship between Ol Pejeta’s wildlife rangers and local farmers has been key to reducing human wildlife conflict.

Support to local educational institutions from Ol Pejeta has included a green house, expansive solar power system; ICT equipment and bursary awards for poorer students.