The benefits of wildlife conservation must be tangible to even the youngest members of local communities. Ol Pejeta’s education programme supports infrastructural development in local schools; which includes water catchment and storage, the construction of school kitchens, dining halls, classrooms, office blocks, computer and science laboratories, and boarding dormitories. To date, over 9,000 school children across 36 schools have benefited from this partnership with Ol Pejeta. PA-MOJA (formerly Project Kenya Sister Schools) an education NGO based in Canada, have been the principal supporters of this programme.

In addition to this, three Ol Pejeta supported schools are linked through PA-MOJA’s Butterfly Effect programme. These are: Loise Girls' Secondary School, Tigithi Boys Secondary School and Thome Boys Secondary.  They are linked with Charles Best Secondary School and Langley Fine Arts School in Canada. Butterfly Effect is an interactive online learning platform where the students from Canada and Kenya post and discuss research and project questions. The website empowers them in sharing knowledge, celebrating learning and development of inquiry based research and critical thinking skills. These enable learners to access and enjoy an exciting and collaborative learning space that is first of its kind globally.

The education programme is supported by other donors including Hugh Crossley and Sino Africa Hope (infrastructural development in schools), Afretech Aid Society (provision of school supplies, textbooks and equipment, laboratory equipment and computers), the Max Plank Institute and Ji Ai Cho.