31st July is World Rangers Day, commemorating wildlife rangers killed on duty, as well as acknowledging their vital contribution to the protection of endangered species such as elephants and white and black rhinos.

Did you know?

• More wildlife rangers have been killed in the last ten years than British and American military personnel. Over 1000 have been killed since 2003.
• Data suggests that we have 10 to 15 years of elephants and rhinos left if they continue to be killed at the current rate.
• Up to 100 elephants are killed by poachers every day.
• 22,000 rangers in Africa are on the front line of this conflict, involving military tactics which are escalating all the time.
• Rangers do dangerous work in difficult conditions, often lacking basic equipment such as boots and socks.
• Just $500 properly equips one ranger for a year.

For Rangers is a charity championing rights and raising money for wildlife rangers in Africa. Its volunteers do this by undertaking the most difficult physical challenges on Earth, including running in the world’s toughest ultramarathons.

For Rangers founders Pete Newland and Sam Taylor’s day job is to train rangers in the skills needed for their difficult work. Both from military and conservation backgrounds, they have seen how a lack of basic kit makes the ranger’s lives even more dangerous.

This led them to start calling in favours from friends. Then, as a result of a campfire discussion they decided to start raising money by completing multi-day endurance events.

They have now raised over $500,000 in just two years, with over $600,000 of in-kind support. This has been achieved with just $27,000 of the founders’ own capital, and minimal promotion – an incredible success story.

Donations to For Rangers go directly towards improving the lives of wildlife rangers – as well as towards looking after the families they leave behind.

For Rangers look after over 2500 of the 22,000 rangers serving in Africa. The cost of adequately equipping a ranger is $500 a year. They therefore hope to secure $1,250,000 a year in order to meet the needs of the rangers it supports.

On average, 5 rangers are killed each year on For Rangers’ core conservancies. An endowment of £7.5 million would cover the education of up to three children, five year’s salary for each ranger killed, and a sustainable initiative that will support their families in perpetuity.

The team have recently entered a new fundraising phase. For Rangers are now working towards planting their flag on the summit of Mount Everest in June 2019, in order to draw global attention to the work done by wildlife rangers. The amount needed for the expedition, for training, equipment and expedition fees, is in the region of $250,000.

For Rangers is looking for investors to be part of this project and its ongoing work, helping preserve some of the world’s most threatened wildlife by supporting those that put themselves in danger every day.

Donations to For Rangers can be made here.