This is the Scott's Hide Grevy's zebra stallion. Handsome isn't he? Or at least... he was.

Grevy's zebra are a critically endangered species according to the IUCN, and the Ol Pejeta population is monitored closely by our Ecological Monitoring Unit (EMU). There are only 34 Grevy's zebra in Ol Pejeta, and as such the EMU know the individuals quite well. This stallion was known as the Stallion of Scott's Hide. Males are very territorial and he was frequently seen here marking and defending his area.

The issue with having a territory however, is that when forage runs out, you need to move. And this, as our stallion found out, can be fatal. Drought in the Scott's Hide area forced him to move toward the Marsh area in search of greener pasture - where he walked right into the jaws of a hungry lioness.

While predation is part of the natural cycle of life in the African bush, it is of concern to our team when an endangered species is the prey. It is estimated that there are only 2,500 of these zebras left in the world. In a bid to protect the majority of our Grevy's population, most of them have been herded into a predator free zone in the eastern sector of the Conservancy. Some, like this stallion, remained in their territories. As this population in the eastern sector grows (we have had four new Grevy’s births since November 2016) we aim to set up another population in the northern sector of the Conservancy.

RIP Scott's Hide Stallion!