The Three GenerationsThe Three Generations

There are now three generations of chimpanzee females living at Sweetwaters, can Granny, Mum and Daughter count on your support?

Sultana was found chained to a tree in Burundi and taken to the Jane Goodall Institute who then arranged for her to come to Sweetwaters. When she first came to Sweetwaters, Sultana was very aggressive and our staff were so terrified of her that they were unable to feed her directly.

She was also extremely wary of the other chimpanzees. However, with care and attention she settled down. It was Sultana who in 1996 gave Sweetwaters our first in-house baby, Mwanzo whose name means first in Swahili. Mwanzo’s birth went a long way in helping to bond her chimpanzee group. She is now a mother to Ajabu whose name means “surprise” in 2008.

By adopting the Three Generations for a year, you will help us to give them the life they deserve. You will also help us to secure the future of all the orphans cared for at the Sanctuary.