The Foster MumsThe Foster Mums

These girls show kindness and compassion to the younger chimps in need some tender loving care. Will you support them in spreading the love?

Two of our chimps have ‘adopted’ two of the five musketeers. Alley, victoria’s foster mother, was taken to the Jane Goodall institute from a private home. Lucky enough to have had a good home she has a steady temper and is easy to handle. She is constantly seen taking care of the babies and was especially kind to the five musketeers when they first arrived. Akeela, Jane’s foster mother, was kept in a small cage. It was first thought that she suffered some neurological condition as she seemed uncoordinated. At Sweetwaters this was disproved, she was simply very insecure and as her confidence grew this behaviour dissipated. She too loves taking care of the babies.

By adopting the Foster Mums for a year, you will help us to give them the life they deserve. You will also help us to secure the future of all the orphans cared for at the Sanctuary.