The BromanceThe Bromance

Adopt these adorable chimpanzees and help them enjoy the peace and freedom of Sweetwaters.

These two often hang out together, spend time grooming each other and always defend each other. George was found bundled up in barbed wire for sale by the side of the road in Mozambique. He was taken to South Africa. In 2005, he was brought to Sweetwaters in good health and mentally strong and secure. He was unaccustomed to other chimpanzees and was a bit of a loner at first. That all changed when he met Ali Kaka a sweet kind natured chimpanzee who had been kept as a pet with the army in South Sudan. When Ali Kaka was one and a half a soldier carried him all the way to Yambio to catch his flight to Kenya and find a safe home.

By adopting the Bromance brothers for a year, you will help us to give them the life they deserve. You will also help us to secure the future of all the orphans cared for at the Sanctuary.