The Alpha MalesThe Alpha Males

Give a big up to the big guys who keep their troops in line!

Niyonkuru was rescued from a vendor and taken to the Jane Goodall Institute who placed him in our care. He was at first depressed and very melancholic. After making a full recovery, he fought his way to the top eventually becoming alpha male of his group.

Oscar was born at the Sweetwaters Chimpanzee Sanctuary. His mother is Judy and his father is Ndaronse, the then alpha male. He looks like his father as they share the same light skin colour. He is the current alpha male of his group having ousted his father in a power struggle spanning over half a year

By adopting the Alphas for a year, you will help us to give them the life they deserve. You will also help us to secure the future of all the orphans cared for at the Sanctuary.