Waya the Fierce MamaWaya the Fierce Mama

Best mother in the world award goes to this rhino hands down! Waya is fiercely protective of her babies, and is one of only two rhinos on Ol Pejeta that have never lost a calf.

Much like humans from the moment of its birth the baby rhino is utterly reliant on its mother for survival. In the wild, the baby rhino is susceptible to predation and for this reason the overprotective mother, a controversial figure in the human world, is among rhinos exactly what is needed. Our rangers will bear witness that no one wants to get between Waya and her calf.

At the age of three she saw her mother Mia killed by poachers. Now, all grown up, Waya is renowned for her ferocity. Fiercely protective of her calves she is not one to be messed with. Waya is, on account of her ferocity, one of the only two rhinos on Ol Pejeta, Tulivu is the other, who have never lost a calf.

By adopting Waya for a year, you will help us to give her, and her offspring, the best chance at a safe future.