The PioneersThe Pioneers

The first rhinos on Ol Pejeta deserve our utmost respect - they have been here for almost two decades and still going strong. Between them they have had fifteen calves!

Going first is never easy. To lead the way means to go through all the trial and error that those who follow learn from. You smooth the way for them and ease their path. This is exactly what Tulivu and Carol did for the other 100 rhinos on Ol Pejeta. Tulivu and Carol are the oldest rhinos on Ol pejeta having been the first to be moved in. They have been on Ol Pejeta for close to two decades. They are also the largest contributors to Ol Pejeta’s rhino population with 15 offspring between them. It just so happens that Baraka, our rhino ambassador is Carol’s son.

Still excellent breeders, these two show no signs of slowing down any time soon. By adopting The Pioneers for a year, you will help us to give them, and their offspring, the best chance at a safe future.