One Planet One Future

One Planet One Future is an art project by environmental artist Anne de Carbuccia. It consists of installations and photographs created in endangered natural environments, or representing endangered species. The ultimate goal of the project is to raise awareness about the negative impact that human actions continue to inflict on the natural world.

Anne visited Ol Pejeta three years ago and took photos of Sudan - the then last male northern white rhino - that she has featured in every exhibition she’s hosted, on multiple continents.  As an organisation, One Planet One Future is dedicated to spreading awareness about endangered species around the world, and the ForRangers Ol Pejeta Virtual Ultra provided the perfect opportunity to support the men and women who put themselves in harm’s way to keep our wildlife safe.

The One Planet One Future team are, so far, the biggest fundraisers in the Virtual Ultra, raising US$ 1,302.78.  They have managed to raise these funds through articles posted to their Medium profile, posts on social media as well as handing out donation cards visitors at their art galleries.

One Planet One Future believes in the power of the collective, with various members running small sections of the Virtual Ultra. Some of them run in gyms, others walk to and from work, and Anne gets a lot of walking done on her photography expeditions. Their team is spread across two continents, so at the end of each week everyone logs and submits their runs . 

One Planet One Future would like to encourage everyone else to do their duty  in the fight to protect nature: “At One Planet One Future, we present the effects of anti-conservation and climate change just as they are, seen through the lens of time and choice. Many of the world’s most beautiful creatures and places are running short on time, and we all have choices to make. Do we want to make the changes necessary to preserve these beautiful things? Do we want a world with rainforests? Do we want a world with elephants? If we do, then it will take all of us committing to do our part. ”