Ol Pejeta Tour Guides Now Bronze Certified By KPSGA

Last month, several tour guides and caregivers from Ol Pejeta took part in the KPSGA certification exams. The Kenya Professional Safari Guides Association is an independent non-profit created for the certification of safari driver guides, lodge naturalists and other individuals within the tourism sector. The KPSGA’s aim is to provide an effective, inexpensive and voluntary certification process giving awards of Bronze, Silver and Gold standards through an examination process.

exam inpost

One of our ranger guides, Robert Morara, taking the exam

After successfully competing and passing the exams, seven of our tourism guides are now bronze certified as per the KSPGA grading system. We have made it a target to ensure that each and every ranger guide on the Conservancy has at least a bronze certification by December 2016.This requirement is aimed at enhancing the visitor experience in Ol Pejeta, by ensuring that they have well trained, knowledgeable and engaging guides as they visit different sections of the Conservancy.

Last month, we also had a two week intensive training program for our guides. We flew in a trainer from Essential Guiding in South Africa to facilitate the program. All our ranger guides participated, and were trained on professional guiding and bushwalking skills, customer service, safety and presentation skills to visitors.

Here on Ol Pejeta, we want to emerge every visitor in the natural world. Creating a greater understanding of Kenya's wildlife and conservation challenges raises awareness, and we hope visitors leave better informed and empowered to be agents of change. Ranger guides are the main contact points for tourist groups, hence our active and proud investment in them.