Go big or go home - this was our motto for the latest Ol Pejeta fundraiser, held in London on the 23rd March 2017. In collaboration with our conservation partners, Helping Rhinos, we raised a staggering £55,000 in support of our rhino conservation efforts. Much of this was supported by an auction, which included artworks from long-time friends of Ol Pejeta Karen Laurence-Rowe and Camilla Le May.

The event was held at the Royal Institution of Great Britain in London, with a speeches from Ol Pejeta CEO Richard Vigne, Helping Rhinos CEO Simon Jones, and TV presenters Simon King and Giles Clark. All of them can be watched below.

"Conserving rhinos in this day and age, requires an incredibly sophisticated and expensive security apparatus, and it has to operate effectively on a 24/7 basis" said Richard. "Someone once likened it to trying to guard hundreds of little piles of cocaine, moving at their own will, across hundreds of square kilometres of African bush. It's not an easy task." Richard set out the challenges of rhino conservation clearly to a captive audience, but went on to explain Ol Pejeta's innovative and successful approach.

"The truth is, wherever you are in the world, if humans see no value in what wildlife can offer them, it will have no part to play and it will be removed, and forever it will be lost... that is the most important role Ol Pejeta can play" Richard explained.

The money raised at this event will be a significant boost to our rhino conservation efforts, supporting everything from ranger's salaries to veterinary costs.

"If we humans don't change the way we interact with planet earth, and the way we consume, we will soon be left with a home that is almost totally bereft of wild things and wild places, and we will be much the poorer for it. So we need to change."