Help Ol Pejeta Save Rhinos by Going Solar

Diesel. It’s expensive, polluting, and definitely not what we want to be using if we can help it. At Ol Pejeta we’re always looking for ways to go green and ensure we’re not wasting money that could be better spent on protecting wildlife or helping people. Like switching from diesel water pumps to solar powered ones.

That is why we’re participating in the 2017 GlobalGiving Foundation June Accelerator - a fundraising opportunity for non-profits around the world. We want to raise US$20,000 to convert one of our diesel-powered boreholes to solar, which will take us one step closer to our goal of using only renewable energy by 2023. We’ve reached US$13,307 so far, and now we need your help.

We switched our first water pump from diesel to solar back in 2016, and we’ve got ten more to do. Converting all 10 boreholes will save us around US$70,000 per year – all funds which could be spent on saving rhinos.

The campaign ends on 29th June. Help us hit our US$20,000 target by clicking here.