Happy Housewarming for Ol Pejeta's Rangers

The African Wildlife Foundation (AWF), Australia Zoo and the Ol Pejeta Rhino Association (OPRA) - a group of like minded individuals across the world who make regular donations to support rhino conservation on Ol Pejeta - have funded 10 new housing blocks for Ol Pejeta’s rangers this year, as part of an initiative to improve conditions for our wildlife heroes.  

Long days under the blistering African sun, long night shifts out in the bush, the fitness tests, the equipment checks, the ration packs. Not to mention the constant threat to your life and those of your comrades. It takes a lot to be a good ranger in tough conditions, and not everybody is cut out to do it. That is why we are working with partners to make living conditions better for our ranger teams, starting with their housing.

In 2016 we built four new housing blocks, and with support from AWF, Australia Zoo and OPRA ten more have been built this year. The blocks, which each house three rangers, have been strategically placed around the conservancy to enable good coverage and quick response times in emergencies. They are baboon-proof; a major improvement to the current housing units which suffer baboon break-ins on a regular basis!

We are indebted to this team of rhino guardians, and hope that the new accommodation units contribute to boosting the morale of some of the most important people in frontline conservation.

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