Meet Peter Kanyi – entrepreneur, champion recycler and father.

Peter knows a good business opportunity when he sees one. A farmer by trade, Peter keeps dairy cattle, ducks and pigs. He lives in Sweetwaters, on the border of Ol Pejeta, and frequently sees tourist vehicles driving to and from the Conservancy. He also sees supply trucks moving in and out, delivering fresh food to the lodges and camps. One day, he had a thought – these tourists are staying in lodges, eating food, and creating food waste. Food waste is great pig fodder.

pig farmer inpost

Mr. Kanyi with his pigs during feeding time

In 2007, Peter approached Sweetwaters Serena on Ol Pejeta and got permission to take their organic waste away for use in his pig farm. Shortly after, Peter got in touch with Morani’s Restaurant and The Stables about securing their food waste for his pig farm. They told him that their food waste was disposed of in underground pits, and were more than happy to give this perfect pig food to Peter instead.  He now collects organic waste three times a week, much to the liking of his white highland pigs. He has established markets in the local town of Nanyuki, and managed to grow his business significantly. This mutually beneficial relationship has been going on for 10 years and has seen Peter and his family reap huge benefits. Starting with just ¼ acre of land, Peter is now the proud owner of a 10-acre farm, and is earning enough revenue to send his children to school.

Peter is a community champion – who we hope will inspire other budding entrepreneurs in the area.